Hurricane Safety Tips

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Hurricane safety tips A hurricane is one of the natural disasters that do not see anything or anyone in its path and just flew it away. It's a type of a tropical cyclone in which the sustained speed of wind is approximately up to 74 miles per hour. It differs on the surface on which it occurs, if it occurs on the land it’s a wind hurricane, if it occurs on sand then it is regarded to be as a sand storm and if it is in the sea then it is called to be a tsunami. Each one of them is disastrous; however the amount of destruction depends upon how many favorable things come in its way making it more humongous. As notified before that these are natural disasters so one must know that the human race cannot emulate it so the ideal way to deal with such things is to plan your safety among them. Now hurricane safety tips are a cycle of steps that ought to be taken by all the people so that they remain safe. You have to plan all the things before to deal with the natural disasters. So for that very reason The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has provided a list of safety tips that should be kept in mind to remain safe. First of all you have to be aware of the seasons in which this hurricane could take place. Listen to the predictions made by all those whether instructors sitting in front of you on a daily basis. Moreover, you could also perform an analysis by yourself so that you could be aware of all the physical damages that could occur in the climate. Most importantly you must be aware of all the exits and evacuation points that could lead you and your family to a safer place. When the warning is given to you that means that you are no longer safe in that region. So if the warning says that you have to evacuate the place then do it immediately and if it says that you need to be grounded in the house then the very first thing that you must know is that your house

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