Tool Control Essay

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What is tool control? Tool control is keeping accountablity and knowing exactly where all tools and equipment are. Having a log book help identify where your tool are when, and also where you are taking yor tool out on jobs for the day. Why is tool control important? Tool control is important to help keep the work running smoothly and make it more eficent for marine aircrafts and other equipment to operate without any damaged. Keeping accountablity of your tools can keep the flight line running without interruptions for sucess to aricraft meintence. If a tool or piece of equipment was missplaced on the flightline or any where else you would first have to thoroughly look for it. If you cannot find it, he must report it to the proper quaified personnel. If the tool or piece of equipment is not found, the flight line must be shut down until it can be located. This incident will stop working hours of marines and delay meintence for all Military aircraft. It is very important to find missing pieces on the flight line, aircraft damage is of higher risk if FOD is near. Examples of good tool control and accountablility is making sure you know where your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is located. as well as all your tools and equipment, and Making sure you properly check in and out all equipment with the proper log book to qualified personel. An example of proper log book, would be at the end of the day and signing in any tools or other equipment that you had for jobs signed out for that day. At the begingin of each and every day, ATAF (All Tools Acounted For) is done for all tool boxes. Doing this greatly increases our ability to keep complete accountability of all tools and equipment. Example of bad tool control and accountability is leaving a tool or piece of equipment out of its proper place and not signing it back in. Leaving trash or FOD on a aircraft or
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