Define the Three Kinds of Tornadoes

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Tornadoes could probably be considered as one of the most violent natural occurring disasters known to mankind. They are the funnel-shaped thunderstorms that spiral around the area where atmosphere pressure is low. Tornadoes are usually classified by using the Fujita Wind Damage Scale. According to the damage caused, there are actually seven types of tornadoes, but they can be classified into three main types: weak tornadoes, strong tornadoes and violent tornadoes. Most of the occurring tornadoes are Weak Tornadoes.They consist of Gale Tornadoes (F0) and Moderate Tornadoes (F1). Weak Tornadoestravel at a wind speed of less than 112 miles per hour. Lasting from 1 to more than 10 minutes, theyare the least destructive among the three types. These tornadoes cause some minor damages such as peeling off roofs, breaking branches off trees, moving automobiles pushed off the roads, damaging sign boards. There can be deaths, also, but only 5% of tornado deaths are caused by Weak Tornadoes. The next type is Strong Tornado. Significant Tornadoes (F2), which travel from 113 to 157 miles per hour and Severe Tornadoes (F3), which travel from 158 to 206 miles per hour, are classified as Strong Tornadoes. Theyusually last for about more than 20 minutes and can cause extensive damages: roofs of well-constructed buildings can be ripped off, trains can be overturned, and even large old trees can be uprooted and snapped. Not only properties and nature are damaged, but also human. Strong Tornadoes can lead to about 30% of tornado deaths. The last one is Violent Tornado. These tornadoes are the most dangerous of the three types of tornadoes. They consist of Devastating Tornadoes (F4), Incredible Tornadoes (F5) and Inconceivable Tornadoes (F6). Violent Tornadoes travel at a wind speed of more than 207 miles per hourand can last up to one hour. These storms are the least

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