2011 Joplin Tornado Case Study

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2011 Joplin Tornado Chris Ojugo America public University Disaster Management PHHE 606 Professor.. Bohl Shelh August 31, 2013 2011 Joplin Tornado ABSTACT Joplin, Missouri 2011 Tornado significance, rated F5, highest single tornado, since 1953, Killed 124,people, 9 people rescued, over 1,500 injured and destroyed over 8,000 properties. 24 minute warning time above average of 13 to 14 minute to touched dawn, average population during the day Monday to Friday 270,000,the day of incident Sunday average population of the city 49,000. ("Storm event survey," 2011) Introduction Tornado is a narrow violently rotating column of air that extend the base of a thunderstorm to the ground, among all atmospheric storm from rain, hurricane…show more content…
From city historical record is only 28% of Joplin new home has basement as of 2009,compared with 38%two decades ago. What doe this tells of a city with or located on an alloy of a tornado? Or when it comes in mitigation and preparedness in confronting natural disaster?. Since the tornado, the engineers have criticized the tie up construction of home depot in which all but two of the modeling home used as a sample to demonstrate to the public the benefit of tie structures all collapsed in a domino effect after the tornado, lifted the roof killing seven people in front of the home depot…show more content…
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