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The southern part of the USA is where a lot of tornadoes occur , to be precise more that 1,200 tornadoes and most of these are in the southern parts which mainly experience many of either F4 or F5 tornadoes annually . Tornadoes are a weather phenomenon that occur regularly throughout the US. They are caused by very low pressure systems that form during storm events. Signs of Tornadoes include unusual amounts of heavy rain and hail , A large, dark, low-lying cloud (particularly if rotating) and Dark, often greenish sky. These indicate the awareness of shelter and too be ready to take cover if needed. These are ways to keep safe although Tornadoes are still a dangerous event and are hazardous to the Southern Parts of the US. For a…show more content…
Tornadoes are responsible for more than $1 billion annually (adjusted to 2007 U.S. dollars) in property damage and for disrupting thousands of lives and businesses. On the local level, the impact of a tornado can be devastating within the area that it destroys . When a tornado hits a human environment, however, more extensive damage can happen. The impact of the tornado can include releasing chemicals, oil, and other toxins, into the environment, doing more extensive damage over a broader area. While this is not a major concern, especially compared to other potential causes of damage, it is a reason to make certain potentially hazardous materials are secure. For example, in the old days, waste chemicals were often stored in chemical ponds, which were just open areas of toxic waste. Normally this only killed whatever birds were unfortunate enough to think it was water, but a tornado, hitting such a thing, could suck it up and redistribute the toxins all over the…show more content…
The extremely high winds pick up debris, causing seemingly harmless things such as small pieces of Styrofoam or wood to become lethal projectiles. The winds can also cause extensive structural damage. The storms associated with tornadoes also bring hazards such as baseball-sized hail and intense rain around the vicinity of the tornado. To keep safe follow the instructions I mentioned before but the most important get to a low area and grab hold of something very strong or under a table . From the inferences I have made , we can deduct that tornadoes are hazardous to the Southern Parts of the

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