Hurricane Katrina Failure

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Hurricane Katrina became known as one of the most disastrous and expensive natural disasters in US history. Four months after the storm hit, the death toll was over 1,300 with hundreds still missing and the estimated property damage exceeded $75 billion. It also became one of embarrassment for our country due to our government’s failure to properly respond and poor communications. There are many lessons we can learn from their poor response, including how to properly assess risk, plan in a timely manner, and communicate effectively. Since New Orleans primarily lies below sea level, the protective barriers or levee systems should have been assessed to determine the winds it was capable of withstanding. It is obvious that it could not handle…show more content…
This directly resulted in lack of leadership and poor communication. Because we did not plan for such a disaster, roles and responsibilities were not clear, so response times were extremely poor. Local authorities did not prepare how they would get personnel and other resources out to vulnerable locations. Authorities waiting too long, planning on the spot, before taking decisive action. In the future, they must learn to proactively address critical needs. As the damages of Katrina unfolded, vital issues such as preservation of water supply and food safety were overlooked. This resulted in pollution of the water and even greater health and sanitation issues. Shelters were over-crowded and volunteers even became an issue. All of these flaws in their practices serve as input to their lessons learned and how to better plan for these types of natural disasters. There should have been a response team readily available to send Emergency Broadcast Messages. Katrina revealed how weak our system was. I would hope that these lessons learned have resulted in more research, detailed disaster and evacuation plans, clear roles and responsibilities, and communication at every level. This horrific event left scars across our nation. Hopefully, that impact resulted in more attention and budget on

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