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Crisis Management Jason Borrego, Annette Davis, Christie Fischer, and William Isenhart CJA/585 Concepts of Physical and Personal Protection December 12, 2011 Mr. Richard Sapp . Abstract Whether natural or man-made, crises and disasters have been experienced or witnessed for centuries. In recent years, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorism, and school shootings, have increased. Other disasters have included bridges falling down, arson, workplace violence, and through cybercrime. This research will explore how crises and disasters are changing and what organizations can do to prepare for such incidents. The opening article defines necessary approaches, analyzes a theoretical view, presents vital research data, and introduces new ways to be better prepared for the unexpected (Boins, 2011). This paper will…show more content…
Weather is unique and can strike at any moment, this is why planning and preparation is important. The process in determining whether or not a storm will hit an area is to track the storm and contact the area that may be affected. Storms can quickly get complicated and communications are essential to prepare them for the storms (Kung, 2011). An organization should never rely on one source of communication but have several backups. With storms there may be no warning or little warning and should be placed in a reactive mode. Begin by reviewing what would affect the safety of employees and how the crisis will affect the business. Placing the business on alert can help prepare all employees and those around them to act when needed. Using the hurricane season be reviewing a plan of action, resources available, and the capabilities the business has is essential (Kung,

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