Human Right Education Essay

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Education is a medium for fostering knowledgeable people to be a civilizedcitizen. The importance of education will produce a prosperous and build up the unity within the body politic.The term of human right ' is simply means with the rights of the people on the world were recognized a figure on the jurisprudence by the most legal system in the world (Noor Mohammad, ND).According to John Locke by the written of John Locke`s Two Treaties of Civil Government (1689), man is held with some rights naturally.Before beginning of the nation, people were enjoying some natural rights as the modern states was recognized those rights for the enjoyment.Those are human rights which cannot be in separated and alienated because the human right are the innate right of human (Gettel, 1976).They were in a formed of universe, inherent, inalienable and inviolable of the human folk.These rights included all sorts of rights like physical rights, mental, educational, political, economic and so along.It’s a requirement for ensuring human personality and upholding a human dignity. After the end of World War II, the feeling of human rights is seriously thought as its effect the warning to establish a good peace and prosperity. Later on, to protect people from the inhumane action, conduct after the past wartime, the world stageas well as the General Assembly of United Nations were passed, formulated, adopted and proclaimed a resolution 217 A (III) on 10 December 1948 named the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’ -United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Right 1948- The objectives by holding a good concern in human rights are to protect the rights of people around the globe.Malaysia as a multiracial country with 30 million people together upholds the rule of human right especially in teaching.The human rights

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