Human Behaviour and Multiple Influences

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‘Human behavior and performance are the result of multiple influences.’ Examine and assess this assertion, drawing on examples from Chapters 1, 6 and 7 of Discovering Psychology. How a human behaves and performs is influenced by a variety of internal and external influences. This essay will outline and assess influences that are related to the formation of language, personality and friendship. This will be achieved by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of evidence collated from studies and experiments. This essay will aim to conclude that the theory of influences does affect human behavior and performance. The use of language is a form of performance. This performance covers our ability to listen, speak and use written language and sign language. To be capable of language various parts of our brains need to be functioning. Language impairment can be influenced by brain damage (Toates, 2010). This, Gall cited in Toates, (2010), was able to conclude from his studies of normal individuals and those whose behaviour deviated from the norm. He argued that different parts of the outer regions of the brain serve different roles or functions (localisation). These he related back to the control of cognitive processes, characteristics and behaviour. Additionally he identified that different regions of the brain interact or work together to enable a process. Thus leading to his findings that loss of speech can arise from damage to the front half of the brain Schiller, 1979, cited in Toates, (2010). Geschwind (1972), cited in Toates, (2010), also found that brain regions interact to enable the performance and understanding of speech. His evidence came from an experiment that entailed a participant listening to a sentence and then repeating it. Geschwind concluded that brain interactions were necessary to carry out the instructions. Firstly, the initial
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