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Carol Colomer PSY/360 Assignment: Phineas Gage May 14, 2012 Phineas Gage’s accident was considered to be one the most severe brain injuries. His personality had suffered tremendously because of this. He was injured while excavating rocks to create a pathway for railroad tracks. He had a steel rod that had pierced through his brain. That accident had caused him to suffer brain damage. The structure to the brain was damaged in the accident.(N/A, N/A) His accident had helped psychologist understand the role of the brain in cognitive functioning. This showed them how the brain supports cognitive functioning. There are several parts of the brain that support cognitive functioning. They found that…show more content…
Until this accident people did not understand cognitive functioning. This opened up a whole new world in learning about how the brain functions. This had put the study of the brain into the front burner. We seem to have an understanding of how the brain works, I however do not believe we will ever know it all. Phineas Gage’s accident had help so much by people being able to learn how the brain works and the functions of different parts of the brain. We were able to learn that different parts of the brain had control over different parts of functioning in the human body and the personality of the human body. (Willingham, 2007) The cerebrum holds brain cells that help in a person being able to learn. Learning is about learning new skills, in order for people to learn new skill that take stimuli. Stimuli’s are what transfers to the brain. The brain is dependent on neurotransmitters to send signals for one part of the brain to another part. The neurotransmitters are let go or released by nerve cells, which is what helps in carrying out cognitive functioning. When brain cells are damaged…show more content…
The cerebrum also helps in processing memory. There are various cells that are in charge of the memory. When the nerves do not release neurotransmitters it makes it difficult for the brain cells to carry the information from one part of the brain to another. The hippocampus is also responsible for memory processes. It helps the transfer of information from short term memory into long term memory. (Willingham, 2007) The brain also helps with problem solving and reasoning skills. In order for cognitive functioning in the brain to work correctly it needs to be able to transmit signals from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere. When signals are received from the left side of the body they go to the right side of the brain and visa versa. The brain also helps coordinate movement. There is spot behind the frontal lobe

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