Hrm 531 Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan Krystal Harrison HRM/531 December 2, 2013 Joan Price Performance Management Plan The Construction industry is comprised of a wide range of job functions including construction, installation, alteration, and repair. The performance management framework will be dependent upon the services Clapton Commercial Construction provides the customers both in Michigan and Arizona. In each of Clapton’s operational sectors the managers will need to outline, facilitate, and inspire performance by his or her employees. Management can achieve the desired outcome with a well-structured performance management plan shaped around the direction and goals of Clapton Commercial Construction. Using performance management as a tool can be vital in defining the culture and goals of the organization. As Clapton Commercial Construction seeks to expand to Arizona, the need to achieve maximum performance and eliminate obstacles is significant. To be successful Clapton must provide the employees with the resources to perform at his or her best. Clapton should also reward excellent performance and provide a forum to discuss…show more content…
The performance management creates the opportunity for management and individual success. Using performance management correctly can result in the organizational performance levels increasing and the company being more prosperous. A performance management outlines where the employee stands regarding his or her performance, as well as providing insight as to how the employee can increase his or her performance. Incorporating the organizations philosophy in the performance management sets a strong guideline for management to mirror the organizational goals when managing employee performance. This paper explored the importance of a successful method to measuring the employee skills as well as identifying gaps and delivering effective performance
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