How Would You Perform the Role of Dr Rank and Nora in the Section of Act 2 in Order to Bring Out Your Interpretation of the Characters?

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How would you perform the role of Dr Rank and Nora in the section of Act 2 in order to bring out your interpretation of the characters? A Doll’s House was written by Henrik Ibsen in 1879. He sets the play in Norway at the time he wrote it. Norway, in the 1800’s was a very poverty driven country with equality between men and women being a major issue through this time. Henrik wrote this play to show what would have happened to women of that time if they were to act as Nora acts throughout the play, showing in what way Nora was such a strong and influential woman. In the section of Act 2, we see Nora and Dr Rank alone together whilst Torvald is working away in his office. Nora is anxious and apprehensive due to the recent events of Krogstad entering her home and threating her. She is bewildered and doesn’t know what to do with herself, and then Dr Rank calls in for a visit, to just Nora herself. When Nora hears Dr Rank’s well known knock, she panics and doesn’t know what to do. At the point I will have Nora pacing around the room, picking up Christmas presents, re arranging herself and then reluctantly opening the door to Dr Rank. As she opens the door she exclaims, ‘Good evening, Dr Rank. I recognise your ring. Torvald is busy, I’m afraid.’ To which I would have Nora to say this hurriedly but politely as she is good friends with Dr Rank. I believe by doing this it will show the audience that although Nora is so frightened and scared by the way in which society has such an impact on women in those times, and will really show the audience how terrible it was for Nora to been see as a ‘perfect woman’. Dr Rank walks into the house and hangs up his fur coat and sits by the stove, he then replies to Nora telling her he hasn’t much time left, whilst he is explaining to Nora that his sexually transmitted infection; he inherited from his father, is finally taking his life
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