Henrik Ibsens "Ghosts"

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What Defines Your Role In Henrik Ibsen’s “Ghosts” the psychological and social conditions of the characters start off with a tremendous amount of complexity and unknown factors. Throughout the play things become uncovered which results in major controversy. Mrs. Alving, a woman with much pride, is a typical good wife who will go through any extremity to have her family perceived as anything but dysfunctional. For a short period of time Mrs. Alving left her duties as a wife but soon returned back with her husband even through the sinful demeanor that causes marital turmoil for the rest of their lives. After some time of internally struggling to decide whether to tell a major bombshell to Pastor Manders, she confides in the Pastor revealing the unspoken truth of the Alving’s servant Regina. Regina, who happens to be the secret love child of the deceased Captain Alving and their former maidservant Johanna. As a young boy, Oswald Alving was sent to a boarding school by his mother so that he could be shielded away from his father’s true nature. Fearing that young Oswald would become the same way as his alcoholic and adulteress father, Mrs. Alving felt she had no other choice but to protect her son. Towards the end of the play it is soon to be discovered that Oswald is sick with syphilis causing him to grow weaker every day. Mrs. Alving, being the caring mother she always wanted to be is there for her son in his time of need. Though Oswald, never had that feeling of motherly love as a child. Asks her to give him the morphine when the time is right. Mrs. Alving contemplates whether it is a wise choice to nurse her son for as long as she can because that is her motherly duty or to do what he has asked of her and let him go. Showing the strictly enforced gender role that takes place in small town Victorian communities where everyone knows everything. The reputation and

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