Christy Brown- My Left Foot Essay

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The Story of Christy Brown The movie “My Left Foot” is about Christy’s life as he struggled to deal with his disability and cerebral palsy. Also there was an autobiography on Christy Brown called “The Letter “A.”” Christy Brown was born on June 5th 1932 to a poor Irish Dublin family of 22; he was one of the thirteen that were able to survive. Christy Brown wasn’t the same kid as all the other kids in his family, he was different to his other siblings because he was born with cerebral palsy and was unable to control his speech or movement apart from his left foot. For years, Christy was unable to communicate until he discovered that he could write with his left foot, the only limb that he can partially control. At the time when Christy was born, most people were suffering from financial problems and there was a global depression. Since the Irish at the time were strong believers of the catholic religion, they prevented contraception which resulted in large families; most families had around ten to twenty children and because of the depression, this troubled the families even more. Children who were born with a disability were usually sent to live in care homes or disability clinics. However, Christy was very fortunate and lucky because he was treated differently. Christy’s caring and loving mother had always realized that there was something wrong with her son Christy and when he was four months she decided to seek medical advice. Every doctor that examined Christy told his mother that he is hopeless and he could not be cured. Many also told his mother that Christy was mentally defective and would remain so. It was really hard for Christy’s mother as she kept getting negative responses towards her son but she refused to accept the truth and would not believe that Christy was an imbecile. Because of Christy’s disability, his mother put much more care and

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