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How Would You Organize The Work-Place For Staff Ea Essay

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Q4: How would you organize the work-place for staff each of the following groups?

High on internal locus of control

  1. High internal locus of control means the individuals who believe that they control what happens to them. Those with a high internal locus of control have better control of their behavior, tend to exhibit more political behaviors, and are more likely to attempt to influence other people than those with a high external (or low internal respectively) locus of control.

  2. Those with a high internal locus of control are more likely to assume that their efforts will be successful. They are more active in seeking information and knowledge concerning their situation.

  3. Hard to work as a group.

  4. The work-space for them should be:
        * Efficient
        * Fast
        * More individual

High on Machiavellianism
  1. An individual high in Machiavellianism is pragmatic, maintains emotional distance and believes that ends can justify means.

  2. The work-space for them should be:
        * Interaction face-to-face rather than indirectly
        * The situation has a minimal number of rules and regulations, allowing latitude for improvisation
        * The jobs which require bargaining skills or offer substantial rewards for winning
        * Avoid the ends cannot justify the meaning of the missions

Type B
An individual of Type B never suffer from a sense of time urgency with its accompanying impatience, they can relax without guilt and so on.

The work-place for them should be:
  * More attention on motivating them
  * More regulations and rules that make sure they do not waste time
  * Powerful leaders to lead, control and monitor them.
  * Reward system to motive them

Q5: What impact has Hofstedeā€™s model made?

  1. Individualism and collectivism
  2. Power distance
  3. Masculinity and Feminity
  4. Uncertainty avoidance
  5. Long term and short term orientation...

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