How To Write A Satirical Essay On Abortion

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Jared Glass Mrs. Sandra Bolling English 111 April 15, 2013 Abortion Debate By day 22 or 23 after conception, the fetal heart begins to beat and can been seen on vaginal ultrasound as a tiny flicker; as the circle of life begins. Since life begins at conception, abortion is akin to murder as it is the act of taking human life. Abortion is not a form of birth control, however premeditated murder. Although in some cases, such as rape or certain fetal disease, abortion should be considered. Even though disease, rape, and the potential health hazard to the mother are possible, Christian culture believes that God has a plan for every living being. Since the early 1970’s with the beginning of Roe vs. Wade, abortion has long since been debated as ethical, legal, and moral. From religious beliefs, to social and economic impact many factors…show more content…
At week five of pregnancy, heart, brain, and spinal cord development is seen in the unborn fetus. By week eleven, the baby’s genitals begin to develop and sex can be determined by the end of this week. On the twelfth week of pregnancy, the baby has a fully developed face and head, and a normal human profile. Throughout gestation, the growing fetus gets stronger and closer to full development every day. From day one of conception to day of birth, the child should be deemed a living being. Abortion carries many cons, the biggest being the definition of murder. When a human being takes another adults life, they are tried for their crime. Aborting an unborn child is the same concept, but sadly not view this way by most. The child has no say in what is happening, and the worst part of the procedure is it has been proven that the fetus can feel everything that is happening to it during an abortion. Some people might say that abortion should be legal and the mother’s choice; but to kill an innocent child, is morally and ethically
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