Discarded - a Viewpoint on Abortion

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Discarded “Abortion is the question of choice” (Robert Casey), abortion is a difficult subject, that questions our morality and our ethics, concerning mainly our individual religious and political standpoints. These standpoints can be considered invalid and carry little to no weight on their own, such as verses from the Bible “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb” (The Bible, Jeremiah 1:5). Although many believe in biblical verses and preachings as solid facts, and remain ignorant to the bigger picture. Nonetheless, abortion isn't all black and white, many scientists and researchers also believe abortion is unethical. In the documentary Lake of Fire, one can see the battle between pro life and pro choice views on abortion. Pro life being the arguments in which we must cherish all life despite rape, abuse, age, and any other atenuant factors. Meanwhile, Pro choice views argue that one can choose whether or not to keep or abort the fetus, for a vast amount of reasons. Abortions are imposed by many, but also carry a purpose. Many can argue that whether or not abortions effects have been beneficial to the growth and development of society and the economy, but nonetheless concerning our individual needs abortion has benefited many. In many areas around the world rape is a major issue, even though the majority of the population exploits its use as a form of contraception, although one must not ban something in which they do not have all the facts about. Foremost, rape has been a universal issue and has ruined millions of lives. Many occur in third world countries but in the US rape happens every 2 minutes, which also brings up a major fact that 44% of rape victims are under the age of 18 (rainn.org). The simple fact that these young rape victims can potentially get impregnated by the aggressor, is quite disgusting on its own. Surely the mother

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