How to write a job description

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Introduction Employees to get recognise and hired by an organisation, he/she must go through the job selection process issued by an organization for a particular job vacant. Thus lead to the aim of this assignment is to discuss the job selection process in Tourism Industry. I have recently appointed as the Human Resources Manager in Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Spa which located within the heart of Queenstown in New Zealand. Sofitel Queenstown is a luxurious hotel and spa located in the heart of Queenstown. It features 82 luxury rooms and suites with their own entire private double spa bath with lakes and mountain views. Despite my other responsibilities, one of my first tasks is to find a replacement for a Receptionist of the hotel who has just resigned to travel overseas. Hotel receptionists are responsible for ensuring and making guests feel welcome at the hotel, dealing with room bookings and cancellations, handling general requests made by guests during their stay and make sure they are satisfied. Some of the major duties of the receptionist are to check in and out guests from and into the hotel, deal with customer face to face or over telephone, making billing and taking payment, and to handle complaints and problems from guests, other duties will be discussed in job analysis and job description. In order to find this replacement for the receptionist, I as a manager must write and develop these most important things such as Job Analysis, Job Description and Person Profile to be able to recruit the right qualify applicants for the task. Every applicant must meet its requirements in order to encourage and convey the human resources manager to select them for the receptionist position.   Job Analysis Theory “Job Analysis is the process of collecting information about jobs and sorting it into essential duties, tasks and responsibilities” (Cooke,

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