How To Tell A War Story

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The Things They Carried “My Take On Things” By Jodi Massie   Table of Contents Love 3 Spin 4 Enemies & Friends 5 The Dentist 6 Part 2 On The Rainy River (My Hard Decision Piece) How To Tell A War Story Speaking Of Courage LOVE My interpretation of Jimmy and Martha’s “relationship” is that there wasn’t a relationship at all. I feel that the more he forced a relationship with her the more he pushed her away. He wanted there to be more than there actually was. But didn’t make his move because he knew she was opposed to it. While at war he realized “what could have been” if only he told her how he felt. Things could have been different-Maybe! The reunion between the two unfolded the reality of their “relationship” and its biased love. She was scared. They didn’t feel the same way about eachother. The love he had for her, which, otherwise would have been sweet turned into something stalker-like and creepy. Not to mention that all he could think about was what would have happened if he would have just touched her knee that night in the movies. SPIN…show more content…
Although they often are. And not that easy to get over also. Literally putting a spin on things, Tim O’Brien begins sharing stories that his fellow soldiers told him. Telling stories about the good times they shared, in an effort to not having the same predictable war stories. He showed the lighter side of things. The end of this chapter explains how although it was over 20 years ago, “remembering makes it now”. Meaning regardless of how long ago it was, just thinking about those events makes it seem so recent, that’s how fresh the war is still in his
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