Grendel'S Mother And Tolkien

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Grendel’s Mother and Tolkien In Tolkien’s passage, “Beowulf: The monsters and the Critics”, Tolkien leaves the battle of Grendel’s mother out completely. I believe that Tolkien does this for many reasons. The subject of the battle of Grendel’s mother was irrelevant to his point. I think that the element of gender also comes into play, but I think that the largest reason for Tolkien not including Grendel’s mother is the fact that Grendel’s mother seems to have more of a human battle than a monstrous one. Tolkien was intent on proving his point with the battles of the dragon and Grendel. When proving those points the battle with Grendel’s mother had all of the same aspects of Beowulf’s battle with Grendel, so why should he have included the battle when he had already stated his points clearly. Tolkien simply had no need to repeat himself. He does mention Grendel’s Mother when necessary to make a point he has not already proven. For example, he talks about a passage from “Dark Ages” that briefly explains that after the battle with Grendel and the battle with Grendel’s Mother Beowulf had no more to do so he went looking for something more. My final point is that the female gender is often over looked and along those lines Grendel’s mother had many characteristics of a human woman. Tolkien tries to make a point of Beowulf’s heroism. I believe that toTolkien the battle with Grendel's mother was more of a human battle. I believe he viewed the battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s mother a battle between a mother seeking revenge and a killer of her son. If this were true then Beowulf would have seemed less heroic. If Tolkien viewed the battle this way it would be very insignificant to the rest of his claims throughout his writing. This would be why he did not include Grendel’s Mother in he
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