How to Tell a True War Story

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How to tell a true war story Stories it is a method to emerge to the past, present and future that attract and calm the busiest person in the world. Which, make the reader or the audience most be skeptical of the story that is being hear or read to analyze the events that are been told. However, in many situations it is very hard and most of the true war stories to believe in. Because is it a paradox to listen them. Because, many audience does not have a clue about what is out there in the war zone, which can be unbelievable the simple hard true or with a just exaggeration make the story more real. But in many cases the story get a little carry away with few white exaggeration to make the story fun, entertaining and believable. Which, most of the reader most be prepare to wipe or eliminate the fake part of the story that is been told or read and even though it is fun to read few fiction, comedy, mystery and suspense the audience of the dangerous places those soldiers were in at the battle field and what did happened of that loss soldier dead at war. The narrator of this story begins with telling a story of how one of the Rat best friend get kill at war, then he write a letter to his sister friend that his brother was fearless warrior. “The guy was a little crazy, for sure, but crazy in a good way, a real daredevil, because he liked the challenge of it, he liked testing himself, just man against gook.” (946). Then, goes on in on! Honoring the valor, enthusiastic and then it get very sad and very touching that mentioned about that love his brother like twin brother that he never had. Because, Rat and Curt Lemon had a lot in common that were making the war like a children playground. And finish the story that “he tells the guy’s sister he’ll look her up when the war’s over” (947). Afterward, the letter is send to her sister and Bob Kiley. Never get response back
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