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Kali Sarver Mrs. Hetrick Honors English 9 8 May 2014 A New Look On Death As many people already know, or will learn, death is thought of differently with each person. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak tells a story in the eyes of death, and also incorporates New Historicism within the book. New Historicism is present when the book was written with the setting is in the past, the text changes culture because it is subjective, and the author and audience do not interpret the text exactly the same was as each other. Death is not always a bad thing and we are taught that throughout the book. Many readers often do not notice the presence of New Historicism. A first category of the theory to look at is when the author and readers do not interpret the text exactly the same way. In order for that to occur, Markus Zusak and all of his audience must have the same opinion of death and how death makes them feel. With death being the narrator, some may find this extremely interesting, while others may feel uncomfortable. The narrator is not afraid to speak his mind throughout the book by leaving a trail of witty or sarcastic remarks and even says, “It kills me sometimes, the way people die” (464). This quote can not be taken literally, but it can be taken to heart if the readers are not a fan or the narrator. Another example of New Historicism is when the book changes culture. Normally, in Germany from 1939-1942, the culture is to hate the Jewish religion and all who believe in it. The narrator says, “The Germans in basements were pitiable,…show more content…
Racism, hatred, and abuse were all brought upon someone who did not believe in the same religion as Hitler. New Historicism is clearly present in The Book Thief as an eye opener to the life of a victim during these times and to show all aspects of Germany during the rule of Hitler. It is amazing how one can obey their leader so extendedly that they will kill even the

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