How to Remove Scratches Off Your Car

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I. Do you ever pull into a parking spot and see someone else pull in next to you but wait in your car to make sure they don’t scratch yours. I do it all the time. II. There are many ways to remove scratches from your vehicle. Don’t panic. A. You have options. Touch up paint works very well with hiding scratches off your vehicle. You can also take your vehicle into a body shop and get the scratches removed. III. I am sure many of you have once found a scratch on your car and wondered when did that happen what am I going to do now? A. Well it probably happened that time you weren’t there to see if the person hit your car. B. But it isn’t always people that scratch your car branches from trees, garbage cans and many more are guilty of scratching your vehicle. IV. I have learned a simple way to remove scratches and make it look like you took the car into a body shop and professionally had them removed. Transition: In today’s speech, I will teach you guys 7 simple steps to remove a scratch off your car. Body: Step 1: Determine if the scratch is actually a scratch. I: Many times what appears to be a scratch is actually a raised line of material from an impact. This occurs when your car contacts another bumper or any object whose coating is softer than your car paint. These imperfections require much less work to remove. Step 2: Establish the depth of the scratch. I: Your car has 4 main layers: clear coat, color, primer and steel. If the scratch is only as deep as the clear coat or color, it will be much easier to remove. If you can see a different color or steel, the scratch is deep and might not be able to be repaired Step 3: Prepare the Vehicle I: Wash and dry the car thoroughly. If the car is dirty during scratch repair, more scratches can be created. Spray the scratched area with

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