How To Improve Dropout Rates

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Dear Mr. Opinion, In today’s world everywhere we look people of all ages and genders are addicted with their cell phones and pagers. Whether we are driving, walking down the sidewalk, or even in the classes. Cell phones have become a part of our everyday lives. However it is always been a problem in school if students use their cell phones or pagers for an emergency. Students like to enjoy texting during their classes but some schools however got a problem with it. I can understand that teachers come to school to educate students because it is their job and they find it disrespectful if a student isn’t listening, but have you thought about how cell phones could change student’s life? Many school system got problems with students using their cell phones during school hours, they also got a policy for students not using their phones during school hours, and I can understand it but do you know that using phones during classes can change student’s life? Well it can think about a time when you needed a dictionary and the school ran out of them and you had a phone with dictionary software but you couldn’t use your phone so you had to wait 30 minutes for nothing. Think of another time when you had to contact your parents for an emergency but you didn’t know their number and your phone had their number but you couldn’t use your phone because of the school policy. Think of another time when you had a guy with some weapon who have entered your school and you needed to contact the cops and the school for your and other’s safety. These are some reasons cell phones could change students life. Mobile phones are a safety feature in a world that has become unsafe and unfriendly especially to children. How many adults feel safer knowing they have a cell phone in their hands, not simply for talking to friends, but to keep them safe. This days many students become unsafe

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