Cell Phones Affect On Children

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Leeban Ali March 28, 2012 As a student who attends high school I believe that cell phones should not be allowed during school hours! Also most of the students have it out and texting during class. Cell phones are becoming more and more of a disruption to the learning progress of students. This will have major affect on them in the long run because when it comes to tests and exams they won’t know what to do. People say that students can use their phones for emergencies at school but they can just make a phone call in the office. Also now days there are certain phone plans which include internet, so not only are they texting but they are now surfing the web as well! Students shouldn’t be allowed to have phones in school because it’s one of the major downfalls in their success at school. When the teacher is demonstrating a lesson to the class they’ll be busy with their phones instead. Also in most cases the students forget to turn off the volume to their cell phones which will then interrupt the class or test. The kids see it as fun chatting with their friends while they are in another class, but they don’t see all the important notes being missed. If the teacher is assigning homework or informing the class about an upcoming test the student will not hear, which will then lead to failure! Year after year more and more students get cell phones convincing their parents that it will come in handy in case of an emergency. But if anything urgent were to happen at school the student can go to the office and make a phone call there. The office wouldn’t mind if a student comes in to use the phone as long as they ask politely and have a reason to go with it. Maybe in some cases the student is doing well in school and the parent might think his or her kid is responsible enough and deserves one. But kids love electronics and they will be tempted to use it whatever or
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