Cell Phones in School

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Why Cell Phones Should be Used in School. In school's today we are constantly wanting to like the newest post or reply to the latest message. Cell phones have been crucial part of modern life and they have also been useful gadgets for students. With the technology we have today it is typical for students and staff to always have their phones on them. Some teachers allow the use of cell phones in class and some will take away the phone if seen. The question is should cell phones be used on school grounds or not? There are many different views on the combining of use cell phones in an educational way. Cell phones can totally benefit students in many ways. Some significant uses of cell phones would be; research, calculations, or using academic apps. There are many different apps out today that are specifically made for educational purposes. Therefore cell phones are extremely useful to students. However there are just as many cons to cell phones as there are pros. Some teachers have a strict no cell phone policy. There are many reasons for this; one of them is teachers believe that cell phones are a major distraction during class. They believe there is a time for technology and while they are lecturing is not one of those times. Another con is not all students can afford a cell phone. It would be unfair for teachers to use cell phones most of the time because not all students have that ability. There are ways to go around this issue. There are always going to be opposing sides to this argument. Personally I feel that there are solutions available for teachers who dislike cell phone use in class. For example for people who don't have cell phones can partner up with someone who does have one, or there can be school administered tablets each teacher has just in case. As for the distraction problem, there are many creative ways for teachers to confiscate the
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