How to Deal with Parent Child Separation

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How to deal with parent-child separation issues Natalia Z. Nunes Belmont University From the most ancient times until now, family has been one of the most valuable belongings a person has, if not the most treasured. People like to be around family because they love each other, but this does not mean that there are not conflicts and issues within families. I am a good observer: I like to watch people’s behaviors and attitudes and then try to formulate some sort of conclusions. I enjoy thinking about family issues, and therefore I’ve chosen to write about the issue of separation in a family. Families face separations of many kinds. It may be between parents and children, husband and wife, children and one of the parents (as in divorces), and other types. I have chosen to focus on the separation between parents and children because I believe it affects a large number of people nowadays. Parent-child separation is definitely an issue today, not that it was not in the past years, but statistics show us that the number of families who have to face this separation grows every year. Why? The number of adolescents and young adults enrolling in college increases every year, which is very good since more people are having the chance to pursue a career, but at the same time more families take the risk of entering in a crisis. In the year 1970 the percentage of students who graduated from high school and went to college within the next 12 months was 51.7%, whereas in 2007 this number increased to 67.2%. (Census). As a result, more mothers and fathers have to watch their sons and daughters leave home, which may result in a crisis. It is very true that some parents look forward to their child being in college so that they can have the house to themselves and do not need to take care of the child. On the

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