Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Paid?

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Macie Smith 10/31/14 Pr.5 English Argumentative Essay Most people in our society think college is no longer an option or a privilege but rather a necessity. Kids are raised to believe that after high school they will go to college. Some kids go to college because they want to prove their parents wrong while others go to get the education. Whatever the reason, the value of a four year college is worth the amount you pay. On average the amount a student pays for college ranges from $8,655 to $29,056 per year which is a lot of money, but college provides education, opens tons of doors for career options, and college graduates earn more than kids that don’t have a degree. To begin, college provides education.…show more content…
According to the U.S Census Bureau, college graduates that earn an advance degree (higher than a bachelor’s degree) will earn more than a million dollars more than a high school graduate that didn’t go to college over the course of 40 years. This means that a college graduate is able to go on trips, and have a nice car because their job pays more which means that they have a little extra money that they can spend on fun things/activities. For example, Grace Nicholson a close family friend struggled with not making enough money because she hadn’t graduated from college. She and her family were on foods stamps. They needed help paying their bills and they didn’t even have health insurance. This past year Grace graduated from college and got a job as a teacher. Now her family is able to pay bills on their own. They’re off of food stamps and they have health care. Ever since graduating from college she has been able to provide for herself and her family. Statistics show that a lot of students apply for student loans. According to a Wall street journal analysis of recent Federal Reserve data 26% of kids that had a loan owed an average of $32,900 in 2010 which is 24% more than they would have owed in 2007. Even though college students sometimes have to pay off loans, they can still get a good job which will help them pay off their loan. College seems to be the main topic these days. So

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