Parent Child Relationships Essay

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“You know our agreement Sir” Contradictions of appropriate parent child relationships in She Stoops to Conquer Healthy relationships consist of being on the same page with the other person. From a parent’s standing point, he or she expects their child to respect them, communicate and understand his or her boundaries. It is hard to have a good relationship with one’s child, visa versa, with the parents, if there is no effort put into it, which can be the last thing one wants to happen, because that is a bond that can not be broken. Good relationships lead to good things with one’s family, because there should not be negative standards. It is important to have a supportive and trusting relationship.In the text, it is portrayed by Goldsmith that the success or downfall of a parent-child relationship relies on both individuals. If they do not both have respect for each other, then their relationship will be weak, and that is when relationships fall apart. Healthy relationships also consist of being able to be strong, however you need the proper characteristics. Goldsmith portrays Mr. Hardcastle and Kate’s relationship as a great one because they respect each other and Kate is very well disciplined. On the contrary Mrs. Hardcastle and Tony’s relationship lacks Boundaries and Communications so their relationship is negatively impacted and is one that is not healthy. Based on what is considered an appropriate parent-child relationship, Mr. Hardcastle and Kate have a great relationship, while Mrs. Hardcastle and Tony have a relationship that is falling apart due to the fact they lack the proper characteristics to have a healthy relationship which include; discipline, respect, boundaries, and good communications. To begin with, Mrs. Hardcastle and Tony are the prime example of a terrible parent-child relationship, in that they do not respect each other.
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