How Methane a Danger for the World

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HOW IS METHANE A DANGER TO THE WORLD? Information about Methane What do you know about methane gas? Methane gas is one of the most common greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Methane is created by the decomposition of organic matter for example animals, plants, trees and humans. Also is created by nature and by factories. Since the Industrial Revolution in 1750 the methane levels have increase 148 percent. This methane is release by mining coal and oil pump. Also coal mining is the second highest creator of methane in the world. Also methane is release from the ocean floor since it was froze and changed to methane clathrates in the ice age. We don’t know how much amount of methane clathrates we have on the ocean floor but it is a numerous amount. Methane is also been created by the decomposition of biomass for example trash or anything that you throw to the garbage. Each year we have 30 to 70 million tons of methane produce in landfill. So all this waste are killing the planet. Greenhouse gases are gases that keep the heat from the sun in the earth atmosphere. Since the industrial revolution or the creation of factories, this gases have made the earth warmer and have created global warming. In the same. In my opinion I would said that the more methane is created the worse is for the planet since it would increase the temperatures. How methane is a real danger According to scientists, there were life in Alaska millions years ago, but as the winter came the animals froze and discompose, making methane to be created. Since the creation of methane it cause Alaska to be a timing explosive for the world’s climate. Methyl clathrates are the methane molecules of methane that are frozen down in the ice in the permafrost. If the temperature or the pressure changes, all the methane that is froze in the ice would escape. One of the problems about methyl clathrates
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