Is Global Warming Manmade

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EAP VI/A R/W YUCHENG WAN 11/27/12 Is Global Warming Manmade? Abstract Global warming is caused by numerous activities such as driving, taking airplanes, generating electricity, displaying fireworks, using air conditioning, developing industry and logging because those activities emit so much carbon dioxide that global temperatures rise up. Trees store CO2 in the forest system, so if forests are damaged, much CO2 will be released, which will increase the global temperatures. As this paper illustrates, natural climate cycles have already changed from warm to cool, so global warming is not because of natural factors. The solutions for global warming may include improving the efficiency of energy, protecting forests, producing more energy from renewable sources, generating electricity by wind, traveling in more fuel-efficiently vehicles, riding bicycles and using more efficient electrical appliances. Keywords: carbon dioxide, emissions, produce, energy, increase, industry, temperature, warming, global. I. Introduction One of the biggest issues of the 21st century we face right now is global warming. The planet has become much warmer everywhere. Ice has been melting worldwide so that the sea level has risen rapidly. Thus, global warming may cause numerous disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis. The situation of global warming is severe right now, and it leads to public and animal endangerment. Polar bears may disappear as the sea ice continues to melt. Thus, scientists intend to figure out why the global temperatures have risen, but that thus far they have not found the solution for global warming. A few scientists think global warming is natural; however, the majority of plentiful scientists think global warming is manmade because of emissions from transportation, air conditioning and
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