Protecting the Rainforest

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How and why should we protect the rainforest? There are many reasons why we should protect rainforests. Firstly, I am going to talk about the problems affecting rainforests throughout the world. The most affected rainforest in the world is the Amazon Rainforest due to the deforestation happening. From an environmental perspective the Amazon is negatively affected from the burning of the trees which is polluting the biggest rainforest in the world with Carbon dioxide (Co2). Also, a lot of nutrients are being lost from deforestation and high quality soil is being wasted. Desertification is slowly happening in the Amazon and other rainforests. If deforestation continues the rainforests will start to lose bodies of water, as well as vegetation and wildlife. There are many problems that the rainforest biome encounters. One of the biggest problems is the amount of trees being cut down; millions a year are being cut down. On average, in each hour of the day 1,000 to 3,000 acres of the rainforest are destroyed. Meaning 50,000,000 acres each calendar year are being destroyed. Another problem that the rainforests encounter is the medical side. Certain plants are removed for medicines, herbal shampoo and perfumes. Gold mining in the rainforest can also be a threatening problem. It can pollute rivers that other animals are dependent on. Furthermore, mercury spreads and destroys plants and animals in the area. All of the above help to cause the greenhouse effect, affecting global warming massively. If this continues the oxygen throughout the world will decrease. A staggering 40% of the world’s oxygen supply comes from the rainforest. Statistics state, and I quote; “at this rate the rainforest only has 28 years left “. The ecosystem is being severely affected by deforestation. When trees are cut down and not replaced, there is no longer structure to hold the important and

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