Ethics Of Fracking Essay

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Name: Fayaz Shaikh Prof: Leo Zwischenberger Subject: English 114 “Ethics of Fracking” Fracking is actually drilling for gas, it’s not a normal drilling. It uses very harmful chemicals that are injected deep in earth, almost five to eight thousand meters. Those chemicals crack to rocks to obtain natural gas. As this provide so much gas to United States, it’s been used here for sixty years. It also have some very harmful effects on humans and nature. It creates large amount of pollution, destroys the nature and also increases the diseases in human societies. As in documentary about “The Ethics of Fracking” by Marleen troy PhD (Environmental Engineer), Bernard Prausak and Rabbi Mordechai Liebling.…show more content…
A county that have most fracking is now more polluted than Los Angeles. Doctors also said because of fracking the cancer rate in people is increasing. People can’t be treated because the substances used in fracking are unknown. One the biggest losses are the substances used for fracking are kept unknown from people and even from workers working in these factories. Because they are hazardous. As in documentary they showed in an ad that fracking is safe. But what they mean by safe? If water, air and noise pollution are created by fracking then how it is safe! Fracking also created huge natural losses such as it crates pollution, destruction of forests to create its pipe lines. The pipe lines they use are also not long lasting as there is gas vapors in water because of leakage in pipe lines. From every twenty pipe lines, one is leaking that increases pollution. Gas burners used to store natural gas creates noise pollution more than a jet engine. It also have connection to increasing sexual diseases. Ethically the matter is fracking is more complex than it seems. By economy it is a

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