How Is Eva/Evelyn Presented in Kindertransport?

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How is Eva/Evelyn presented in Kindertransport? Eva/Evelyn is the central character in Kindertransport. She is a Jewish Kindertransportee who was taken to Britain at the time of Hitler being in power. Eva as a child's mother is Helga and Evelyn 'mother' is Lil. Evelyn is a very emotionally withdrawn character in Kindertransport as she is constantly haunted of her past. Once taken from her family in Germany Eva loses her identity. She loses her religion of being a Jew as she tries to leave that behind her and also loses her ability to emotionally attach to people. She becomes alienated from her culture as she is exposed to the British way of thinking. Eva's relationship with her mother is that she is reliant on her mother and at the start of the play you can see that Helga is trying to make Eva independant. 'You don't need me' and 'There's no later left' show us that Helga feels guilty for having to leave Eva but by saying 'You have to be able to manage on your own' this shows us that Helga knows that Eva and her will possibly never see each other again and Eva needs to be able to survive without her mother. Her relationship with her mother is very disciplined as you can see that her mother is trying to cut off her emotions when it comes to Eva, Eva senses her mother trying to push her away when she says 'Why won't you help me?'. Helga's language is very withdrawn and full of imperatives also suggesting her plan to try and make Eva independant. Eva's discourse shows lack of control. She feels out of place whilst talking to strangers like the officer as she is constantly prejudiced by others. 'Yes, Sir' and 'Can't you and Vati protect me?' shows Eva's inability to be independant as she constantly relies on others to do things for her up to this point. Her discourse throughout leaving and interacting with the officer causes Eva to seem small and

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