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Although English is tool needed by many for future studies abroad, myself included, to me, learning the English language has always been more of a hobby. I’ve always preferred using English to other languages; people always say when you enjoy doing something you will, eventually, excel at it. It was only a matter at time that I was able to find out ways to master the English vocabulary: reading, watching TV, In English using the language everyday, even thinking in English… As a child, I would watch a lot at Cartoon network and Disney channel, it helped me to become more and more familiar with the English sounds, As I grew older , I would then be able to comprehend most of the conversations ; of course there were always new words to me and my mother near more than happy to teach me those words. Apparently, when learning a language, a vocabulary building is easiest when you’re young, when your mind absorbs everything like a sponge. Soon enough in my teenage days, I find the cartoon no more interesting than play rock-paper-scissors with myself. Consequently, I looked to other media for more intriguing stories. Needless to say how compelling stories led to unusual context, yielding the most words, so bizarre that it sticles to our mind almost impromptu ; words like ‘fernweh’ , ‘ modus perandi’, ‘annie oakley’ are some of the most exotic words I’ve known. However, I was facing an imminent threat. It was that the list of bizarre words is nothing yet, to the humongous vocabulary at the English language, and that there are all too many ‘ normal’ words that are just as important but I won’t be able to remember, just because they are ‘normal’. But, I was not out at solutions , I realized that there was something in common in how I was able to learn new words when I had been much younger, how I could learn bizarre words in the blink at an eye. They were all, at the time

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