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Final Paper My Thoughts on Ideology and the Class This English class, specifically Ken McGraw's English class, had quite an effect on me. I really liked how the discussions of ideology expanded my interpretation of the world as i see it. Everything i see from being with my family to reading fiction books has changed in my eyes. Something that i really enjoyed was coming to class, and hearing everybody else's views on what ideology is. It was different to each person and i guess that is kind what the definition of ideology is. Its the set of beliefs or ideas that individuals or groups have. I noticed that in the beginning of the semester, no one really spoke up about what their thoughts were (except for me), and towards the end,…show more content…
Some of the stories were just plain weird, and i did not really understand what was going on no matter how many times i read them. Things just did not seem to make sense until i heard some of my classmates' thoughts, and Kens too. It was not that they were difficult reading, just more or less they had ideologies behind them that i did not pick up. For example, with 'Good Country People,' i still do not understand what the point of that story was. It was just about a guy who became what he thought people expected of him to get what he wanted. When i first started to read the story, i thought the idea behind it was that this guy just wanted to get laid. Then i realized that sex was not it at all, but that this guy was just a psycho who collected fake body parts from cripples. Who does that? So i can say that in this class, ideology impacted me to an extent, but in certain areas, its still undefined for me. Though my education and how i can ideologically apply it to literature is still undefined, I can easily say that i really enjoyed this class. I walked out knowing more than i did when i came in, and it also altered the way i view things such as friends, family, work, religion and so on. I could never study ideology itself and truly be interested but i am very glad that i was given an opportunity to learn that there are other ways of viewing everyday
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