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Public Speaking Self Reflection Essay

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COM/218 Public Speaking

University of Phoenix

I feel that I did a great job on my 2-minute presentation from Week One overall. I do notice, however, that I still have some things that will require work. Honestly, I was able to attempt the 2-minute speech 2 or 3 times before I was happy with the assignment. In a public setting, I realize this would not be possible. Although I recorded audio of myself and was not able to use video, I know myself well enough to know how the speech would have looked in person.
I felt as if my voice was a little tense, but my instructor said that my voice was clear and the delivery was well paced. Neither my instructor nor myself felt as if there were other signs of anxiety in the presentation. I did feel like the pacing of my presentation was great, but this was also one of the things I was working on that required a second and third try. In this class I would like to work on my delivery, but mostly, I would like to stop being so monotonous and be able to use gestures and movements more effectively.
The slight mistakes I made in the presentation were very obvious ones, and should be easy to fix. I completely forgot to introduce myself. I also forgot to bring my presentation to a conclusion. I just ended it abruptly. I remember recording everything I felt I should cover and being surprised that I had already reached 2-minutes, but I did not purposely leave the introduction and conclusion out. I realize these are essential parts of a presentation, and I will be sure to include them in all presentations in the future!
At the end of this course I will be going back into physical classes on campus here in Nashville. I would like to use what I learn from...

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