How Far Do You Agree That The Korean War Ended In

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How far do you agree that the Korean War ended in victory for the USA? The Korean War was a victory for the USA to some extent. It achieved the objects that the USA had aimed to which was the positive military and diplomatic consequences of the war however it did suffer some negative effects which was the Chinese Red Army during 1951 which was not fully overturned as it ended in a military statement. The USA intervened in Korea with ground forces in 1950 with the aim of rescuing South Korea from invading North Korea which was under the communist rule of Kim Il Sung which the USA was against about. The USA had succeeded in this because North Korea was pushed back to the 38th parallel and South Koreas capital (SEOUL) was back in the south. Even though during 1951 the Chinese had Seoul, they were too pushed back therefore the war ended roughly on the same line as the 38th parallel. The Chinese and Korean forces had paid a very high price for their military action far greater than the USA’s forces; this was a success for the USA. MacArthur wanted to turn the whole of Korea into a non-communist regime based in Seoul, the attempt to move north Korea of the 38th parallel turned into a serious military defeat when the US and South Korea forces pushed north right to the Chinese border on the Yalu River. This took the Chinese by surprise which were unprepared but still managed to send them back to the 38th parallel therefore the achievements of the under-equipped Chinese troops forcing the USA and South Koreans forces back to the northern border indicates that the Korean war was not a victory for the USA, this was very humiliating for the USA and especially Truman as he was in charge of MacArthur. On the other hand USA safeguarded Japan, the most important economy in Asia, and ensured that it was a loyal US ally. Japan had benefited massively from the Korean War and
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