Why Did The Us Lose The Vietnam War

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Why did the US lose the Vietnam War? The US failed to defeat the North Vietnamese Communists. The North Vietnamese had extraordinary courage, resilience and sacrifice. They had more knowledge of the terrain and a sense of moral superiority. The South Vietnamese Allies had poor morale, they were badly paid, and they exploited US aid for financial gain. The US military had poor leadership from officers, they were frustrated because they had a lack of knowledge of the area and they had an inability to identify their enemy. These are the main reasons that the US failed to defeat the North Vietnamese Communists. The US became gradually involved in the war in Vietnam. Truman supported the French in the battle against Ho Chi Minh and the Vietminh. Truman believed that Stalin and the USSR backed the Vietminh. Truman thought that if he backed the French this would contain communism and follow the Truman Doctrine. Eisenhower increased involvement because he believed in the Domino Theory. This meant that if one country fell to communism so would the ones around it. He sent in the first military advisers. They was a peace agreement in Geneva, which set up four countries. However, the US refused to hold elections in the South because they thought that the Communists might win. So instead they supported Ngo Dinh Diem in South Vietnam. Diem was an unpopular leader because he was accused of corruption and torture and failed to win over the peasants. Instead, popular support went to the South Vietnamese Communists, called the Vietcong. They sent in aid and increased the number of military advisers. There were supported by Ho Chi Minh, who was backed by the Soviet Union and China. The Americans continued to believe that Vietnam was a Cold War conflict. They failed to see it as a nationalist uprising seeking independence. Their failure to do this led them to
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