How Effectively Can the Judiciary Control Executive and Legislative Powers in the Uk?

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How effectively can the judiciary control executive and legislative powers in the UK? The judiciary is the branch of government that interprets the legislation and the law put into practice by the government. People involved in this branch include judges and magistrates. The executive is the branch of government that makes decisions and this branch includes ministers and the cabinet. Finally, the legislative is the branch that makes decisions on legislation. The judiciary are able to control the executive and the acts that the executive can pass when they regard the Human Rights Act. This is because the Human Rights Act allows the judiciary to block or divert any potential acts that could possibly offend human rights. For example, regarding Abu Qatada, the judiciary were able to block legislation that would end up in him being deported back to Jordan, where he was at risk of torture and mistreatment. Theresa May and the Conservative-led government tried to bring in legislation and executive acts, but the judiciary protected Abu Qatada and his human rights, until his human rights would have been satisfied (Jordan agreed not to torture or mistreat him). However, regarding this issue, if government are incredibly keen on getting an issue through without the judiciary being able to intervene, they are able to bring in legislation to fulfil their wishes and bypass the judiciary. Following on from that point, the judiciary can prevent the unfair treatment of citizens through judicial review. This is the process through which cases between the government and individuals are reviewed on the basis of how lawful they are. By reviewing cases of dubious outcome, they can protect the rights of the individual rather than letting the government figuratively, walk all over them. An example of a case that would come under this would be the protection of a prisoners rights

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