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Zac Weston A.P U.S Government 3rd Position Paper The Framers of the Constitution had written a revolutionary document. It set up a type of government that had never been seen before. The framers did a very good job at setting up this government. There are things in our Constitution that are not very clear and they are still argued about to this very day. Among these things are powers that the three branches of our government have that aren’t in our Constitution doesn’t grant them. A power that gets argued a lot is the Ability for the President to use Executive privilege. Executive Privilege is the power used by members of the executive branch to withhold information from the other branches of government. Executive Privilege is claimed to…show more content…
It states that the Privilege should only be used to protect the nation’s secrets and keep it safe from attack. It also tells that it is the Executive Branch’s Duties to use Executive Privilege to help maintain a separation of powers between the branches of government. Document J, Talks about how using Executive Privilege can cause problems throughout the whole government. It says when Privilege is used it causes the courts to have to find out what is absolutely need for the courts to proceed. The courts also then have to investigate the reasons that the Privilege has been used. The separation of powers was not made to create an absolute Executive Power. It was made to help keep some of the powers separate but it was not supposed to be an absolute power. It was made to keep the Legislative and Judiciary Branches out of some of the Executive decisions. The Privilege was used as a way to let the president have some privacy in things that would affect national security. But when Executive Privilege is used the President should have to give a private written explanation to congress as well as the Supreme Court. They should do this so that it could maybe reduce the chances of the media finding out and spreading it like

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