How Does Tom Robinson Show Justice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Tom Robinson exemplifies how racism prohibits justice and fairness in the town of Maycomb. Tom Robinson is a black man that is not treated fairly because of his race. In the town maycomb no one is ever going to believe a black man over a white man. The people in the town are prepared to accept the word of the ignorant Bob Ewell over a decent black man. How the town perceives Tom has a lot to do with how he is treated. The town looks at Tom as a colored man and only whats on the outside rather than Atticus Finch, his lawyer for the case, looks at only the inside. Why did Atticus Finch agree to be Tom’s lawyer? Atticus feels Tom is a innocent caring man, who only tries to help people who need it. Tom feels sorry for Mayella Ewell because her father is an alocoholic and beats her. One night while Tom is walking home from work he stops because Mayella asks him to help her fix a door. When he goes inside he realizes no one is home and there is…show more content…
Mayella begins to hug Tom, then proceeded to ask him to kiss her. Mayella’s father appeared at the window calling her a whore and threatening to kill her. Tom then ran away. Mayella and her father then begin telling people she was raped by Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson has a useless left hand from when he was little it was torn apart by a cotton gin. There are bruises on mayellas right side of her face. Bob Ewell is left handed and a left handed man would be more likely to leave bruises on the right side of the girls face. Atticus asks why a doctor was not called and Bob’s answer is because a doctor was too expensive and not needed. Tom Robinson is later seen as guilty. Even though it is very obvious that Bob Ewell is guilty, mainly because Tom’s left hand is useless. Because of Tom’s race, the people who see him as innocent will be looked down upon. Racism killed Tom.
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