Black Men and Public Space Story

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In Black Men and Public Space by Brent Staples, I believe Staples is trying to make me think about racism and how I would treat the situation, if I were in Staples shoes. This story made me angry on very many levels. I think it was quite stupid for the man to change his life-style to accommodate other people. So what if you are a black man walking on the side walk at night, that doesn't give anyone the right to give a black man a dirty look, or even a look of fear. I feel bad that the man had to change the way he walked, talked and acted to make sure no one accused him or thought of him as a murder or thief. I think it is quite pathetic how people are so judgmental on black people. Even though this story took place between the late 1970s and 1980s, accusing someone of something just from there looks is just unacceptable. If I were in the shoes of this man whom was constantly stared at by others, and accused of wrong doings of which he didn't even commit, I would not change a thing about my self. God made us the way we are, he made us look the way we look, talk the way we talk, and walk the way we walk, and for that reason I believe no one should change them selves for the happiness of others. If anyone were to treat me the way Staples was treated while living in Chicago, I would do the best thing there is, and
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