Tom Robinson Trial Report

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The Maycomb Tribune The Trial Yesterday in the Maycomb Courthouse the trial of Tom Robinson had finally come around. The defendant Tom Robinson and his lawyer Atticus Finch were trying to convince the jury that Tom Robinson didn’t rape Mayella Ewell which that’s what he was accused of. The prosecutor Bob Ewell, Mayella Ewell and their lawyer Mr. Gilmer. The courtroom was filled with a lot of people from both races; it looked like the biggest trial in Maycomb’s history. Mr. Bob Ewell was the first person to be put on the stand and have his testimony. He was very hesitant when he first got on the stand when he wasn’t fully admitting to the questions when asked is Mayella Ewell your daughter. He stated that he saw Tom Robinson molesting Mayella and he got away as he ran in. He said that the room had looked like there had been a fight in that has messed the whole room up. One of the biggest parts of Mr. Bob Ewell’s testimony was that Atticus Finch the defendants lawyer asked Mr. Ewell to write his name on a piece of paper but he only did it to find out that Mr. Ewell was left…show more content…
I do not get why they have done this most people have said that it is because he is a black man and that in his testimony he said he felt sorry for her (Mayella.) I feel as though that what everybody is saying is true. But it shouldn’t be like that, if he isn’t guilty then he shouldn’t be convicted it is just wrong, very, very wrong. They need to sort something out now, because Tom Robinson is about to be executed for no reason, this is cruel and in humane. Can’t anybody do anything about it, we are talking about an innocent young man who is crippled about to be executed for nothing. Our court rooms and the racial discrimination need to change and need to change
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