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Physical Evidence and the OJ Simpson murder trial The trial of Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson has often been referred to as the trial of the century. On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown (OJ’s ex-wife) and Ronald Goldman (friend of Nicole Brown) were brutally murdered outside of Brown’s condominium. The trial was one of the longest running court trials in history, and will forever live on in infamy. Many people believed the evidence against OJ showed an inarguable amount of guilt. The evidence was possibly the largest portion of the trial, but was it handled correctly? Was OJ Simpson acquitted due to a mishandling of evidence or inexperience of investigators? Alternatively, was OJ Simpson a celebrity figure with the means to have the best lawyers to argue his case, we all remember the famous saying if it doesn’t fit you must acquit! There were a large number of items submitted into evidence throughout the Simpson trial including blood/DNA, clothing, fibers and witness testimony. Amidst accusations of evidence planting or tampering and conspiracy theories, a trial that lasted over a year only took jurors 24 hours to return a not guilty verdict on the murder charge. Several witnesses were brought forward and gave testimonies. One of the testimonies was that Simpson had purchased a knife that matched a description of the knife believed to have caused the fatal wounds in the murders. Some witnesses say they say Simpson in dark colored clothing, which also matched the description of the murderer. Some forensic evidence that was collected was ultimately dismissed due to a variety of reasons; a few of the key pieces of evidence are discussed below. There were several blood stains or droplets found at the scene of the crime and at Simpsons home. Blood found near Nicole Brown’s rear gate at her home and at the exact spot where the murders were believed to have taken place

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