The Great Debaters

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1 Kupolati Beatrice Response Journal ENG4U 14 Feb. 2012 ‘’The Great Debaters’’ Quote ‘’An unjust law is no law at all’’ ‘which means I have the a right, even a duty to resist’ Insight on the Quote The movie, ‘The Great Debaters’ depicts a group of young debaters. They have been chosen to debate on a critical and vital topic Morality of Civil Disobedience. James Farmer Jr. Narrated an encounter which he and his friends encountered. While in Texas Negros were been lynched. He and some of his friends saw a man who was strangled by a lynch mob. There was no reason at all why the man should be killed; this act of wickedness was done all because he was a black. This was a debate between Harvard College and Wiley College. Wiley college argued on the fact that there should be resistance to an unjust law. This means that laws that are unjust should not be obeyed. 2 James Farmer Jr. Also added to the quote saying he had a right, even a duty to resist, this speech can be seen as a defence of the blacks. The blacks who are being denied of housing, education, health and their ultimate freedom should resist this unjust law. There should be equality and fairness in justice How we should approach a law that we believe is unjust. The first thing to recognize is an unjust law is in a statute book. It will be continued to be applied and enforced until that law is abrogated. In societies where such laws are prevalent, people are exposed to injustice because the court will also enforce such unjust laws. An unjust law can be removed when civil society organizations and the people begin to speak against such unjust law. Not only that, those

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