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Reader Response: “ Because That’s What We Do to Faggots” In “ Because That’s What We Do to Faggots,” published in 2003, the title itself caught my eyes. The word faggot is a derogatory word. This shows that discrimination is still among us today. There were two innocent people killed in a extremely hatred manner. The two were discriminated because the suspects thought that they were gay or assumed it. I feel a person should not assaulted or killed because of the lifestyle they live. In “ Because That’s What We Do to Faggots,” Wilchins explains to the reader about two assaults on homosexuals that never hit mainstream. The first story was a man named Alexander Gray, who resided in Washington D.C. On June 9, Gray was battered by three or four men with a shovel while they yelled…show more content…
I do not think gender has become the new gay. Nowadays a homosexual man can be as masculine as any straight man. A gay women could be as feminine as any straight female. What I’m saying is you cant judge someone by how they look and assume their sexually preference. A man could be a guy who like to dress and into fashion, but that is what people today call that metro-sexual. In conclusion, the gay female and the gay male is a part of life. Most people need to realize that the way a male or female was born could not be changed. Hate crimes like those that happened to Alexander Gray and Willie Houston are tragic. Crimes like these should have been talk about nationally. These were two innocent male assaulted and killed for no apparent reason. People need to speak up. The world need to understand how bad homosexual are treated everyday of their life. Its bad enough that some companies shy away from gay people because they feel it will affect their

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