Gays in the Military

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Should Gays in the Military be Prohibited? Gays should not be aloud in the military for numerous of reasons. Those reasons include it would lead to more outburst of HIV and Aids being in the military, mislead the trust on man has for another out there, and the last thing is the fact that girls and guys in the military are separated because of mental distractions. The first reason I will be talking about is the mental distraction part of this debate. The armed forces are a special case, putting their employees into life-or-death situations where any mental distraction could be fatal. Men and women aren’t sent into combat together; why should gays and heterosexuals? If men constantly have to think about whether or not the man to his side that his life is depending on is a homosexual and may have feelings towards him is one of the biggest mental distraction you can get. If there is a law stating that homosexuals are prohibited in the military, well that would take out a huge part of mental distractions. The second argument that I will now hit on is the fact that with gays in the military it will increase the risk of attracting HIV or possibly AIDS, in the military. If you were a field medic and somebody were to get shot and that person happened to be a homosexual, and they were sexually active with their partner, seeing the fact that homosexuals have a much larger chance of attracting one of these viruses, you are now putting your health in danger. The final reason that I’m going to talk about on why homosexuals should not be allowed in the military is because the soldiers have to gain trust with the man he’s rooming with and fighting side by side with and this misleads it.. This is a debate about soldiers being required to defend their country while living and rooming in close quarters with each other. It is a fact that their effectiveness depends on
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