Analysis Of Don T Tell: Homosexuals In The Military

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| Gays in the Military | Argument Essay | | | | English 101 20212 | The discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban on gay and lesbian service members is officially a part of history. For 17 years, the law prohibited qualified gay and lesbian Americans from serving in the armed forces and sent a message that discrimination was acceptable. I believe there are many misconceptions that gays undermine military readiness, retention or compromise the quality of life of other military members. The beginning of a new chapter for the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell now has the opportunity to re-enlist Gay and lesbian Americans eager to serve their country, but…show more content…
"As hard as deployment is on the heterosexual relationships of troops deployed on the battlefield, it is exponentially harder on the same-sex relationships of deployed troops, because gay personnel must pretend their partners don't exist.” (Webley) If a gay service member is injured or killed, his or her partner may never even find out. Same-sex partners cannot see their loved ones off or welcome them home from deployments in public. This enforced shame, secrecy and loneliness will eventually take its toll on the gay service member. This personal damage can potentially risk losing hard-working, patriotic service members for no legitimate…show more content…
Shame and second-class status were therefore built into the deal, and unsurprisingly led to a reality in which exemplary service members were harassed, investigated and expelled based on evidence as negligible as friendly banter or thoughtless gossip. It is important not only to me, but for everyone to remember that all human beings regardless of race, or sexual orientation have a right to serve in our military with pride and dignity as every human deserves. Works Cited (n.d.). Barr, Bob. ""Don't ask, Who cares"." Wall Street Journal (2007). Prakash. "The Efficacy of Don't Ask Don't Tell." (2009). Webley, Kayla. "Time Magazine." Brief History of Gays in the military

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