Bshs 301: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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GAY MEN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS Joanna Rodriguez BSHS 301March 19,2012 Mr. Reynoso GAY MEN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was discovered in the United States in the early 1980. One of the first cases that were recognized was among the gay population and is yet debated were it originally came from. When the virus became rarely resistant to medications and people were dying in the early 1980s, (AIDS) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was discovered. Gay men who were affected started developing opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, herpes and high fevers. This was a clear sign that the virus was advanced. In the early 1980s medications were called cocktails. People affected by the virus…show more content…
In the gay community it is known that sex and drugs go together. The use of drugs increases their sexual drive. Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol increases the chances of having unprotected sexual activities and needle sharing. This can cause the virus to spread along with other sexually transmitted diseases. The use of drugs also decreases the adherence to medications and medical adherence. Using drugs has a negative effect on the body and can cause wasting syndrome. Most important it can cause drug overdose. It can cause permanent brain damage and alter the nervous system. Approximately one in four patients receiving HIV treatment are not consistent with their care. Assisting people with HIV remain in care is a way to reduce their chances of getting sick and prevent the spread of the virus. Studies have shown that women who became infected through heterosexual contact were more than likely to remain adherent to medications and treatment. There are men who have sex with men who do not identify or consider themselves as being gay, that are affected by HIV virus. Many of these men live heterosexual lives with their family and children however continue having sex with other men. This can also cause barriers to care, spread of the virus and transmitted diseases. Unprotected anal sex among men and woman carries a high risk of HIV transmission because during intercourse it is easy to make tears or cuts in the rectum area were HIV…show more content…
This is considered to be of high risk because it can pass other diseases which can make them ill because of their low immune system already being weak by the HIV virus. Some men find it difficult to ask their partners to wear a condom because it raises feelings of insecurity and infidelity in the relationship. In many cases men don’t have access to condoms so they decide to have unprotected sex. Many gay men have difficulty disclosing their sexual orientation because of fear of rejection from family, friends, children and society. It is advised that they receive mental health treatment to deal with these fears of rejection. Some men are cross dressers and are in fear of not being socially accepted by their own gay community. Gay men have reported to being assaulted and harassed by other men. They have even been beat brutally. Having to live with HIV and being gay has been reported to not being easy. Having to deal with the emotional aspect of rejection has caused many men to abandon their country, commit suicide and drug use. It can be very challenging to be socially accepted. Some come to the United States to seek political asylum. The good news is that

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